Catastrophes of the Mind

by Agony By Default

The roses are laid on the graves of our lives The chaos now reigns in our world full of lies Gods cannot save us; our intellect fails Catastrophe the only escape from hell I want to watch it all burn. I want to see the chaos return... I want to see the end of this life. I want to see it all buried alive. Lives once serene now only bleed, The Mistress of Agony spreads her disease No honor, no remorse; no one survives Chaos, it reigns over these trying times Set it free I live for destruction; I pray for the fall I await the return of the we watch it all burn. Lives once serene now only bleed The Mistress of Agony spreads her disease No honor, no remorse; no one survives Chaos, it reigns over these trying times.
I weep for the skies Time? There's no hope for our lives. Self-destruction and apathy reigns, You deserve all you've lost for your gains. Your gods are laughing at your pitiful cries As your reap what you've sown, I take what's mine Darkness it falls, hatred it flows What could have been, no one here knows I'll leave this life a powerful soul Long after these times, my story will be told I am a god. I am your god. I cannot break; I will not fade. Your gods are weak; Your gods still bleed.
Misery envelopes me Blackness calls for my apathy Darkness is my mind's new lair Suspended in nothing, eternity stares Nothing can cure this disease My emotions ignore all my pleas Anger is all I can feel Laughter, for nothing is real Sadness gives way to the hate Misery is left here to reign. Suspended in all this eternal hell Devoid of satisfaction's dear spell Left wanting for all and for nothing My mind is a void, just a shell
Bring me home The world is a bastard, and I am its son Take me away from the cold Strip me of the darkness of the battles I've won Lead me away From the emptiness this life imprisons me in I am not a slave I've broken the masters; they no longer live The endless search for a world not mine As this one burns, deep in my mind I feel the flame as this existence still burns But I've walked away with these lessons learned Never again will I crumble in time Never again will it haunt my mind Never again can I be a slave For I am a god, and this is my grave This is my grave
Your gods mean nothing to me Your lives are but a disease All of the bloodshed, all of the pain Inflicted on behalf of your god's hate-filled rage Your so-called benevolence, all in the name Of an imaginary're all fucking insane The disease that you hold dear Poisons all of your minds Gives you all false hope In the comfort of its lies The gods that you obey The law that you uphold Causes only misery As hypocrisy unfolds You believe in a lie.
Plague 04:56
Your minds are a plague that sweeps across the land The horrors you've wrought by your own foolish hands The world you've destroyed, everything we've lost It burns to the ground; this is what it's cost Lies betray; this is what we see The forest, it crumbles; we ignore its pleas Helpless and mute, these mountains weep We destroy it all, and the secrets it keeps We destroy it all We burn it all to the ground Our minds are a plague We are the plague


released December 22, 2017

All vocals, instrumentation, and lyrics by Matthew "Axl" Brammer. Written, performed, engineered, mixed, mastered, and and produced by Matthew "Axl" Brammer in Laramie, Wyoming Nov.-Dec. 2017.

Music, lyrics, compositions, and recordings ©2017 Agony By Default. All Rights Reserved.

Album Art Original Image ©2017 chaoss/Adobe Stock
Album Art ©2017 Agony By Default
Album Cover editing by Matthew Brammer and Chantelle Brawley

Special thanks to Johnny Dove and Travis Kolbo for their input and assistance throughout the writing and recording process.

To everyone who has supported my music and any of my endeavors over the years...big or small, successful or not, awesome or absolutely fucking terrible...thank you. You mean the world to me...friends, family, all know who you are.


all rights reserved



Agony By Default Laramie, Wyoming

Extreme metal from the Rocky Mountain region of the US.

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