Chaos and Cataclysm (Split w​/​Catervatim)

by Agony By Default/Catervatim

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Scars 03:33
Sickert 04:20
We feed on hope and despair, The Human Condition is too much to bear. We thrive on hate and deceit; The lies and the greed...and this world's complete apathy. We choose to burn it all down, destroy what we've found And wallow in self-misery (We) cave to emotional deceit, and what our eyes see... But not what we know. We rape the world for all it is worth, Then pray to our gods to resurrect this earth It has been so since the dawn of our time Soon we will see the end of our lines. Soon we will see the end of our lives. The Human Condition is a massive mistake... The biggest one creation will ever make. Our lives are suicide.
I can't bleed anymore; My conscience is lost in this endless war. The rules of engagement no longer apply... ...I will choose the way that I die. I'll slaughter your family and burn down your home. I'll torture your mind and the depths of your soul. I am destruction; fear I instill You have no worth, I've severed your will. This is war. Welcome to war. I will survive; I'll watch you die. I'll burn you alive; I relish your cries. War. Welcome to war.
This cancer, these demons, this plague in my mind The sickness, it dwells here throughout my time. The darkness, it haunts I kneel before thee, My gods of destruction...have I failed to see? The failures we bleed... Failure is all I see. Failure is all I believe.


released April 6, 2018

Tracks 1-3 written, recorded, and produced by Travis Kolbo/Catervatim (Laramie, WY). Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Colton Krohn at Uproar Audio (Casper, WY). Lyrics/Vocals on "Scars" and "Self-Loathing" by Jordan Taylor (Only Home). Lyrics/Vocals on "Sickert" by Devin Mayo and Colton Krohn. Guitar solo on "Sickert" by Kris Wallis (Only Home). All other instrumentation by Travis Kolbo.

Tracks 4-6 written, recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by Matthew Brammer/Agony By Default (Laramie, WY). All vocals and instrumentation by Matthew Brammer.

Album art and design by Devin Mayo and Matthew Brammer. Agony By Default and Catervatim Logos by Devin Mayo.

Additional thanks to Johnny Dove (everdying), Marc Felten (Defile Thy Faith), and all our friends, family, and fellow Wyoming bands and metalheads.

Travis: Special thanks to my wife Molly and my two sons, Evan and Harrison, for putting up with my constant running off to write and record music.

Matthew: Special thanks to my wife Chantelle and my daughter Adriana for their support of my music, their patience, and their enthusiasm.


all rights reserved



Agony By Default Laramie, Wyoming

Extreme metal from the Rocky Mountain region of the US.

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