The Timekeeper

by Agony By Default



released April 3, 2017

All music and lyrics written, composed, and performed by Matthew "Axl" Brammer. Recording, album art, and related material ©2017 Agony By Default. All Rights Reserved.

All instruments and vocals by Matthew "Axl" Brammer. Album art created and edited by Matthew "Axl Brammer.

Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by Matthew "Axl" Brammer/Agony By Default, February-March 2017 in Laramie, Wyoming.

Production assistance and consultation provided by Johnny Dove of Everdying (


all rights reserved



Agony By Default Laramie, Wyoming

Extreme metal from the Rocky Mountain region of the US.

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Track Name: Never Again
Lies and betrayal it seems
Is the way of the world, and the reason I bleed
Life has no meaning to me;
Never again will I beg on my knees.

Lost and alone as I walk down this road
The trials I face make me heartless and cold.
Lessons I've learned breed darkness and hate;
This old, vicious cycle seals my own fate.

I won't believe in this dark fairy tale
I won't succumb to this bleak fucking hell
I won't consume all your force-fed, thin lies
I will devour the light in your eyes.

I will breed hate.
I'll make sure there's no escape.

I won't break; I'll feed the hate.
I won't break; you'll suffocate.
You'll suffocate.

Fire is best fed with gasoline
It's the way of the world and way that I feed.
Your lies have no meaning to me;
I'll watch you burn as you beg on your knees

Lies and betrayal it seems
Is the way of the world, and the reason I bleed
Life has no meaning to me;
Never again will I beg on my knees.

Beg on your knees.
Track Name: Wander In Time (The End Of The Line)
The walls crumble in time
The hatred of this world burns deep inside
All hope is lost, this battle I've fought
My will has been broken, but still I march on

Empty inside as I contemplate lies
The end of the road; a mirage, a disguise.

When will this end?
When will this end?

Wander in time
Contemplate the end of this life.
Not this time
I can't see the end of the line.

Where do we find the will to survive?
I can't go on.
Track Name: Arbitor
I am the one who lays you to sleep
I am one whose promise you keep
I am the god who brings your demise
I am the dark who feeds you these lies

One day you'll bow to me
When this life brings you to your knees
You'll lose control to the powers that be
I am your will, you will break before me.

Bow down to me.
Bow down to me.
Track Name: The Timekeeper
Time erodes the signs
Time breaks us down inside

Time is our enemy.

There's no escape as the moments they pass
The Timekeeper comes to rob us of our past
Our bones become brittle and the ones we love die
As we race to give meaning to our crumbling lives

The Timekeeper comes. He comes for us.

Time is our enemy.
Time is our enemy.

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